Florida District 17 Little League Baseball & Softball


Umpire Training Clinics

For each clinic listed below, click the clinic title to learn what will be taught, and what your league's responsibilities will be when hosting that clinic.


1. Plate Basics: 5 Keys to Good Plate Mechanics & Strike Zone Training

2. Field Mechanics (this is for plate and base umpires): Where to be, when to be there, how to get there, what to look for, and what each umpire's responsibilities are from pre-pitch to the end of the play.

3. Plate Basics and Field Mechanics Combined: This is clinic 1 and 2 from above combined into a full day event with the option of live games the following day.

4. Rules (comprehensive): All Little League regular season Rules and Regulations.

5. Rules (abbreviated): Just the "sticky" rules that tend to create problems, confusion and arguments.

6. The Bleacher Chat: Two hours of instruction/discussion on any Little League umpire-related topic(s).

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